Common name: European Carp. Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio. Family: Cyprinidae.

A bad infestation at Barrenbox Swamp, near Griffith, NSW in 1997.

European Carp: There is nothing to like about these fish. They stink. They breed like Easter Bunnies. They destroy waterways and rivers. They should be wiped out.

Over the years people have tried to convince us to eat them, but not even a beer batter will make these things taste better then a car tyre.

There is nothing you need to know about them except if you see one on your Easter camping trip – kill it.


  1. Wow, why don’t you tell us what you really think? 😎

    (You had me with the beer battered tyre)



  2. Is this your own personal veiw of the Carp or do you extensive CSIRO research data to back up your claims. You make it look like you have a vendetta against these fish.

    1. I do have a vendetta against them.

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