Our new licence to manufacture medicinal cannabis products will help drive the development of novel cannabis-based therapeutics in Australia.

Yes, it’s true. We will be developing medicinal cannabis.

Scientist holding medical cannabis.

Cannabis has practical applications. It can help people manage pain or improve quality of life when going through challenging procedures like chemotherapy.

Our Botanical Extracts Lab in Melbourne has recently secured a licence to develop new and innovative medicinal cannabis products. It’s exciting news because we’re the the only research organisation in Australia to currently hold such a licence.

We’ve worked with medicinal cannabis before, but this licence allows us to really drive the development of novel cannabis-based therapeutics in Australia. Our research will help local medicinal cannabis manufacturers, and people with conditions like multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.

Medicinal cannabis in Australia

Our botanical extracts team started researching with cannabis in 2017. This was the year after medicinal cannabis became legal.

We began analysing cannabis-derived products, evaluating medical devices and guiding growers with crop processing.

Now we’ll apply our background in research and development to help local manufacturers create new and enhanced products and improve how we extract, purify, and turn medical cannabis into medicines. 

State-of-the-art applications

Our team is working hard to help grow Australia’s local medicinal cannabis industry. We’re also helping those who suffer from the conditions that require medical cannabis by developing better treatment methods.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne has modern instruments that can extract, refine, formulate and analyse cannabis products. The aim is to get the most out of this intriguing plant that has been consumed for millennia in so many ways.

We’ll focus our development on a range of cannabis-derived cannabinoid products. We’ll investigate extraction, purification, and formulation techniques. Consequently, they’ll offer new medical products on top of the oils, capsules, sprays, and lozenges already available.

We’ve worked with medical cannabis companies in the past, providing advice on things like greenhouse energy use, plant screening technologies, crop processing and advanced analysis. Additionally, the researchers at our Botanical Extracts Lab are experts in improving cannabinoid and terpene extraction processes. Including refinement techniques, cannabinoid encapsulation for improved shelf life, and the development of new synthetic cannabinoid drugs.

We’re also supporting work led by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) to implement the Modern Manufacturing strategy. It’s a whole-of-government strategy which aims to help Australian manufacturing scale-up and become more competitive and resilient. It will ultimately create jobs now and for future generations.

However, if you’d like to work with us, you must be a properly registered and licensed medical cannabis grower or importer.


  1. Great news.
    As soon as it was legal the punters were queuing up for a prescription in my GP office.
    But they struck an old fudge who refused to believe that it needed a prescription, asking them why they did not just keep accessing the usual supplies.
    BUT, there was no way I could have been scientific about any prescription I wrote, which was anathema. What dose? How often? To achieve what effect?
    Anyway, not obliging the request avoided the next visit when they would have been requesting their methadone or Fentanyl or whatever the latest word on the grapevine was about super cool chills.
    Retirement could not come too soon!! .
    The sooner it is all legal, on sale by someone who will pay GST and tax and in a formula with definite doses the better for everyone.
    No more kids dying of contaminants, or OD’ing on something twice as strong as the last ‘pill’
    Are we in Australia aiming at proper supervised producers of the medication?
    Please say yes!

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