We've cobbled together a playlist of rock anthems to celebrate our mineral resources research. Classic rock, heavy rock, sedimentary rock - we've got it all!

Photo of a rock playing rock songs with a bandana and electric guitar photoshopped on

For those of you who are about to rock, we salute you. Welcome one and all to the shreddiest of shredding, the riffiest of riffing, and the rockiest of rocking, music playlists.

We have climbed mountains of which there were none high enough, gathered no moss as we rolled, and wrestled with crocodile rocks to bring you this list of star-studded songs.

The success of our robot-themed playlist last month put the pressure on to deliver once more. And deliver we have. We have cleared the slate and the Chisel’s are Cold.

On our journey to find the diamonds in the rough, we had some help from a true rockstar, Dr Mark ‘The Rock Doc’ Pearce. He left no stone unturned in making his choices and added his favourites to the list, so you know it’s solid.

This playlist is going to make you feel boulder, so don’t quarry, be happy.

Rock on with our best rock songs?

When he’s not rocking the suburbs, you will find The Rock Doc researching micro and nano-scale rock samples to understand the geological processes associated with mineral deposits.

He’s currently working as part of the Advanced Resource Characterisation Facility with colleagues at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia. Together they’re applying new techniques to analyse Australian minerals. Like creating 3D digital rocks. Looking at samples on the atomic scale allows the team to better understand the spread of elements in rocks. When this is combined with larger scale analysis, this gives us a better picture of what’s going on beneath our feet.


  1. Brilliant

  2. Bother he should have posted it in Rock-tober. Anyone remember the Sydney rock festival in October during the 1970-1980’s

  3. Excellent Listening – thank you

  4. Stone Free by Hendrix
    Help I’m A Rock by The Mothers Of Invention

  5. New York Mining Disaster by the Bee Gees
    The Ballad of Spring Hill by Peter Paul and Mary

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