Check out the volcano cluster found by RV Investigator!

By Sarah Schofield

13 July 2015

Australia’s new ocean-going research vessel Investigator has discovered extinct volcanoes likely to be 50 million years old, about 250 km off the coast of Sydney in 4,900 m of water.

The chief scientist for the voyage, UNSW marine biologist Professor Iain Suthers, said while we searching for the nursery grounds for larval lobsters, the ship was also routinely mapping the seafloor when the volcanoes were discovered.

IN2015_03 Volcanic cluster centre at 33 31 S, 153 52 E (transcript)

The centre of the volcanic cluster is 33 31 S, 153 52 E, which is 248 km from Sydney Heads. The cluster is 20 km long and six km wide and the seafloor 4890 metres deep, with the highest point in the cluster rising up to 3998 metres.