It’s only Monday, but already we’re excited for the weekend. This Sunday, 1 September, we’re holding a 25th anniversary celebration for our Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) in Narrabri, and you’re all invited.

Video by Alex Cherney/

Earlier this year, Daft Punk fans descended on ATCA’s neighbouring town of Wee Waa, and this weekend astronomy lovers will head to the Paul Wild Observatory for a quadranscentennial celebration of astronomical discovery with ATCA.

Thanks to savvy design and technological upgrades, more and more astronomers every year use the ATCA to study the early universe, cold hydrogen gas clouds, galaxy and star formation.

The ATCA has seen Russian dolls, snakes, a blue whale, a black hole burp, and even robots.

Poster for the ATCA Open Day, showing three antenna faces lit up with sunlight.This is your chance to see the antennas up-close and personal. Find out how, after 25 years of astronomical discovery, upgrades have ensured the telescope remains at the top of its game, or hear of what happened the day of the 1988 Opening Ceremony.

There will be antenna tours (make sure you wear enclosed, flat, non-slip footwear), opportunities to ‘ask a scientist’, street performers, and even cake. It’s also Father’s Day, so it’s a nice excuse to treat Dad (and the rest of the family) by coming along to join in the fun.

Don’t forget to also join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ATCA25.


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    This week our Australia Telescope Compact Array turns 25. Read more about its stellar history and check out this impressive time-lapse video.

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