By Emily Lehmann

Back in the heyday of The Beatles and mop-top haircuts, mag wheels were all the rage.

Mags were the earliest lightweight alloy wheel made from magnesium. They were the start of a lasting fashion trend and the car industry’s move towards making lighter vehicles.

The lightest of all metals, magnesium can be used to replace other heavy steel components to make lighter, more fuel efficient cars that benefit the environment and your hip pocket.

A key challenge for industry however, has been the ability to produce the metal economically.

This could soon change with our cost-effective and environmentally friendly MagSonic process.

MagSonic produces magnesium as fast as the speed of sound, while using significantly less energy. It could make the metal viable to produce in Australia.

Check out how our MagSonic process works in this short animation.


  1. The CSIRO is not given enough attention for the inventions and innovations that come from its research.

    On another point… I recently wrote a blog post regarding the CSIRO’s social network presence for my studies. Can you let me know if this blog is written by CSIRO staff or sourced elsewhere as the articles on the CSIRO website are different and not simply copied here?

    1. Hi Tom, thank you for your support. The stories on our blog are written by various people within CSIRO – our communication team and sometimes scientists, directors and support staff. We make sure that all of our article are fact checked by our scientists.

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