You may have heard about the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery being brought to Australia by Elon Musk, but did you know that Australia actually has its own thriving lithium battery community?

June 21, Kyoto Japan: “The 21st International Meeting on Lithium Batteries will be held in Sydney, Australia!”

…and so was the exciting announcement made last week at the World’s premier international conference on lithium battery science and technology.

Pitching against teams from Beijing and Montreal, the Aussie bid-team made up of lithium battery specialists from around the country, was very excited to hear that CSIRO will host this prestigious event that will bring over a thousand of the world’s lithium battery experts to Sydney in 2022.

Tesla is not the only battery technology changing the way we power up down under!

The lithium battery event will provide Australia with a platform to show off our battery community’s homegrown capabilities in the lithium battery field and demonstrate our importance in the global Lithium value chain. Expertise like our world-leading work in developing electrolytes based on ionic liquids – a technology used for making the lithium batteries that power our laptops, mobile phones and electric vehicles safer and more efficient; our broader work on advancing lithium-ion batteries, and even the best advice for charging your batteries!

In the meantime, as we prepare for 2022, we’ll continue working towards growing a strong battery research community in Australia and further developing our battery materials industry for a better energy and environmental future.

Want to see our advanced lithium battery work?


  1. That conference is four years away. Lithium battery technology could be obsolete by then. Overtaken by supercapacitor technology.

  2. what’s the csiro’s progress on quantum dot battery technology?

    1. Hi Griffin,
      While we are working in quantum dot technology in some areas, we are not currently using this technology in our battery research.
      Eliza – social media team

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