It’s not every day you turn 87. Today we’re saying a big Happy Birthday! to us. Back in 1926, on June 21, the Science and Industry Endowment Act came into being where the executive members of the CSIR were appointed. By CSIR I mean Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the pre-1949 name for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.


Back in the day: A CSIR Council Meeting in 1935.

Looking back on the 87 years, It’s pretty amazing to think about what we’ve achieved and the incredible minds that have made those achievements possible. Our track record includes fast Wireless LANPolymer Banknotes, the Relenza flu treatment and Aerogard, to name a few. If you want to look back through the decades, CSIROpedia is essential reading for any science history buff.

Here’s a little snapshot of what we’ve done over the years, through the eyes of our people.

Now, let us eat cake.


  1. I would love to know the names of the people in the 1935 CSIR Executive Council photo.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Sure thing. Here’s the caption:

      Front row, l to r. PE Keam, ACD Rivett, George Julius, HC Richards, EHB Lefroy. Second row: G Lightfoot, EJ Goddard, DO Masson, AEV Richardson. Third row: WR Grimwade, Kerr Grant (attending of behalf of Walter Young), RD Watt, HA Woodruff, I Clunies Ross (included as host of the meeting held at the McMaster Laboratory, Sydney).

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