We are trying to feed your LEGO addiction. We want these little blocks in your hands, to have and to hold. Then you can also use them to build the awesome LEGO version of our marine research vessel, the RV Investigator. It’s a little ironic because the Investigator is under construction itself. It’s also built from blocks, but they’re bigger, heavier and a little more sturdy than the LEGO variety.

We have a LEGO Investigator to give away online, tonight, as part of our Oceans in the Outback road-show across Queensland.

You can win by joining in with our online marine trivia. We don’t get trivial often (ok, maybe on this blog) and this trivia night is coming to you live from Roma, QLD, because it’s National Science Week.

Trivia will happen on Ustream and Twitter from 18:30 AEST tonight. We will be providing updates (and potential question answers) throughout the day on Twitter, just follow @CSIROnews or the #Ocean2Outback hashtag.

Also, we are slightly savvy and know you have Google at your fingertips, so some questions will come out of shark expert Barry Bruce’s talk at 17:30.


Tonight’s Ustream schedule (AEST):

17:30: CSIRO Shark expert Barry Bruce talks on the secret life of sharks (online questions are welcome)

18:30: Marine trivia and your chance to win a Lego RV Investigator.


To win the LEGO RV Investigator ship you must be the first contestant to answer all questions in the online round correctly. Answers can be provided in tweets with the #Ocean2Outback hashtag or via the ‘Check in and Chat’ function on Ustream. Correct answers to the questions will be judged by CSIRO staff travelling on the Oceans to Outback tour. The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the event.