We’ve just received some great photos from RV Southern Surveyor and an update from our Voyage Manager Pamela Brodie.

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RV Southern Surveyor has been working to the north of Australia, in East Timorese waters during the last week, recovering and replacing the three Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) moorings. The moorings have been monitoring the Indonesian Throughflow since June 2010.

With exquisite planning, preparation and execution, the Deep Oceans Group have accomplished the seamless recovery of two long ocean moorings and redeployed one.

Work has been hot on the deck, but we have enjoyed the glassy tropical waters, where the wind has not exceeded 12 knots.

The team onboard from CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research are Bernadette Sloyan as Chief Scientist, Bec Cowley, Danny McLaughlan, Jamie Derrick, Phil Adams, Alicia Navidad, Lindsay MacDonald, Tara Martin, Hugh Barker, and myself. We also have onboard two  observers from East Timor, Akasio Santos and Arnaldo Nelio, a mooring engineer from the First Institute of Oceanography in China and two students from ANU, Isabella Rosso and Kate Snow.

The science party also includes Pamela Brodie