What are IMOS doing in the Southern Ocean?

By Sarah Schofield

24 November 2015

1 minute read

IMOS, or the Integrated Mooring Oceanographic System, has loads of robots out in the ocean measuring data right now, which relay all of their data via satellite back to scientists to study.

There are also amazing moorings they put in specific places to collect data over years, so we can learn more about our oceans and monitor any changes over time.

The Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, helps to deploy and recover some of these moorings. Remember back in April when CSIRO’s Professor Tom Trull loaded this big yellow and blue mooring on board in preparation for deployment in the Southern Ocean?

RV Investigator - maiden voyage preparations 5

IMOS has a really great video with Professor Tom Trull explaining what he’s been doing in the Southern Ocean and why it’s so important.

You should check it out – just click on the graphic!

IMOS in MOcean graphic