We asked, and you surely delivered. We put out a call for your photos of the lunar eclipse, and got so many that for a moment we were afraid we might break Facebook. Here are some of our favourites.

It was a little cloudy in Melbourne, but Rhonda Baum still managed to sneak a shot through the gloom.

Eclipse through clouds
Picture of the lunar eclipse seen through clouds

Clear skies in Port Lincoln helped Peter Knife get this.

Lunar eclipse Port Lincoln
Image of lunar eclipse seen from Port Lincoln

Meanwhile, in Albury, the eclipse really turned it on for Petra de Ruyter.

Eclipse from Albury
Image of lunar eclipse seen from Albury

Image by Petra de Ruyter

And Tamworth lived up to its claim to be Big Sky Country.

Lunar eclipse from Tamworth
Image of lunar eclipse

Image by Ekiama Apalisok-Brice

Some managed to catch the purple tones.

Purple moon
Image of lunar eclipse, purple

Image by Lisa Belgrave

Lunar eclipse purple
Image of lunar eclipse, purple

Image by Samantha Bright

Others managed to catch tones we found a little surprising. There’s always one, isn’t there, Peter Feeney?

Green moon
Photoshopped image of green moon

We got images from Japan.

Lunar eclipse Japan
Image of lunar eclipse from Hapan

And Indonesia.

Lunar eclipse Indonesia
Image of moon obscured by cloud

Image by Muhammad Hasbi Alfarizi

We got spectacular montages.

Lunar eclipse montage
Photomontage of stages of lunar eclipse.

But for some of us, the weather didn’t co-operate at all. Kim Cook was able to remind those of us who missed out that clouds can be beautiful too.

Sunset clouds
Image of clouds at sunset

But if we’re honest, we have to admit that Ali Ceyhan spoke for all of us who didn’t get to see it.

Lunar eclipse meme
Obscured lunar eclipse meme

Next time, next time … And our sincere thanks to all of you for your photos.