Vermin celebration

How do drugs make us ‘high’? The clever folk at the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah created this animated game to help explain how drugs like marijuana and cocaine affect our brains.

Mouse Party animation

Be safe, go viral

Just the word safety makes most people yawn. How to make it something people care about? A catchy tune and adorable animation always helps. We tip our safety goggles to Metro Trains.

Personal action figure for Christmas?

A 3D printing photobooth in Tokyo now lets you get that gift you’ve always wanted- a little you.

3D action figure

Trippy soap bubbles

Soap bubbles that look like science fiction. Macro photography at its coolest.

Soap bubbles

Eclipse wonder

I think even non-geeks agree there is something very humbling and awe-inspiring about a solar eclipse. If you haven’t seen it already, we bring you totality.


  1. Not one thing on this page has CSIRO research ….

    1. Why, good spotting John. We like to tip our hats to other interesting stuff happening out in the world from time to time. Feel free to browse our other 272 posts for CSIRO science stuff.

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