RV Investigator needs lots of winches for all sorts of different scientific capabilities.

It needs big winches to deploy nets over the stern of the ship for biological research, it needs medium sized winches to deploy the CTD or Remotely Operated Vehicles (like submarines!) over the side of the ship.

The ship also needs one very little winch, for specialist scientific sampling, for the scientists who undertake trace metal research.

They will use synthetic rope rather than a wire, as a wire might artificially increase the concentration of metals in the part of the ocean they’re testing.

This tiny winch, which will be used to deploy the trace metal sampling CTD (Conductivity Temperature and Depth), was delivered to the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Laboratories, where Samantha Bouhricha and Dr Lindsay Pender from the Future Research Vessel Project Team were on hand to receive the goods!

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