A picture of RV Investigator.

RV Investigator.

RV Investigator has been south of Tasmania with a huge team of biologists from around Australia, on the benthic biology trial voyage.

The aim of the voyage was to test the sampling equipment used by benthic scientists and to develop safe handling procedures. Benthic marine science refers to being on and just below the seafloor.

On board were scientists from CSIRO, Museum Victoria, the Australian Museum, the University of Western Sydney, South Australia Museum and the University of Tasmania.

It was an exciting voyage where the weird and wonderful things that live in our oceans were collected from the sea floor and brought on board to be studied.

The words hairy scary, ooey gooey, creepy crawly, blimely slimy come to mind!

Check out the photos and see for yourself!

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  1. Oh my god really scary one

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