With a little help from our social media fans, we've compiled a list of our favourite tech songs Shake your 'bot to these top tech tunes. ?
robot playing piano tech songs

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Robot rock your way through this month with our byte-y playlist!

This smart compilation celebrates our wired (and free) annual event, D61+LIVE. The new playlist is fully endorsed by our Data61 team as ‘intelligence amplified’ and ‘the best thing since WiFi’.

D61+LIVE is a connected two-day gig. It examines the innovative data science and technology that is shaping our industries, experiences and society. This year’s theme is Intelligence Amplified. The gig will explore the rise of artificial intelligence and how it enables large-scale impact.

D61+LIVE is at Sydney’s Carraigeworks from 2-3 October 2019. Find out more and register now.

Get our playlist for the IT crowd through your subscription-based, technologically-enabled audio communication software (AKA Spotify). This playlist will put a smile on your dial!

We’ll leave you with Gizmo, our Data61 team’s ‘bot. The family of robots that live at Data61 are incredibly diverse. They’ve got legs, wheels, cameras, sensors, fins, blades and magnets. They sense the world and navigate it autonomously. They traverse places too dangerous and dirty for human work. They’re as varied as the challenges they’re designed to solve.

But the common DNA is a focus on the use of cutting-edge data science. Come and meet the family.


Gizmo, robot dancing