Dr Kimberley Clayfield - Women's Agenda Leadership Award Winner

Dr Kimberley Clayfield – Women’s Agenda Leadership Award Winner

We’re extremely proud of our very own Dr Kimberley Clayfield who has just won a Women’s Agenda Leadership Award. The awards recognise and celebrate Australia’s leading and most inspiring women.

Executive Manager for CSIRO’s Space Sciences and Technology activity, Kimberley won the award in the category of ‘Emerging Leader in the public or not-for-profit sector’.

Helping guide the development and implementation of CSIRO’s and Australia’s space technology agenda, her work is never dull.

In addition to providing policy advice and contributing to strategic planning, she represents CSIRO in Australian Government and other national and international forums (including the International Astronautical Federation), provides support for the implementation of space related projects across CSIRO and develops new space science programs as well.

Not content with this, she also sponsors and supports a wide range of national space education and outreach activities. Through her long-standing role as Program Director of both the South Australian Space School and National Space Camp, she has mentored more than 500 students to date, helping encourage the future scientists of tomorrow.

Kimberley is no stranger to being recognised for her leadership qualities. In 2010 she was named one of Australia’s Most Inspiring Young Engineers by Engineers Australia and was the recipient of an Australian Leadership Award in 2011.

Congratulations on your success Kimberley! You inspire us all!


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