Spotify playlist: This is Australia

By Summer Goodwin

17 January 2020

1 minute read

Conto Beach, Western Australia

Conto Beach, Western Australia.

We all need some hope right now. Australia is home for many of us, and loved by many more.

Our sunburnt country is currently experiencing widespread bushfires, devastating our communities, flora and fauna, and causing grief across our nation.

We are all touched by this tragedy in some way, whether it be directly, or through friends and family, or through changed environments across our island home.

As the national science agency, we will continue to support our communities to predict, manage and recover from the bushfires.

As the outpouring of kindness and generosity from Australians and people across the globe continues, we want to celebrate our great southern land.

We’ve compiled a playlist of our favourite Australian tracks to help you keep the hope.

So, throw your arms around me, under the milky way, and we’ll listen to the sounds of then. This is Australia.