Southern Surveyor pulled into port this morning in Hobart, after its final research voyage.

Conditions in the Southern Ocean were a little uncomfortable for the crew, support staff and scientists, with 10 metre waves making the voyage interesting for a few days.

This ship was tied up for the last time and the final group of scientists has packed up their personal items to disembark.

The scientific equipment will be demobilised from Southern Surveyor, and then that will be end of service for the ship, as the Marine National Facility research vessel.

It’s a bit of a sad day for people who’ve worked onboard this ship, which has served Australia’s marine scientists for so many years, and CSIRO researchers before that.

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  1. Sad to say goodbye to Southern Surveyor. I have happy memories of long days and nights working in the lab with colleagues processing fascinating grab, trawl and sledge samples (remember Sherman!!).

  2. As excited as I am to see the new ship, I still find it sad to say goodbye to such an amazing adventurer as the Southern Surveyor. She’s had good innings though and the Investigator is going to be amazing!

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