The iris of an eye, with the words "seeing stars" on the pupil.
Science is shared, public knowledge we have about the world. Art comes from a personal, individual response to the world. But there are places where they can meet.

Seeing Stars is a new competition for artworks inspired by astronomy.

It’s a chance for you* to show what you think and feel about the Universe and what the world’s largest telescope — the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope — may reveal.

Why should you care? Well, Australia will be co-hosting the SKA, along with Southern Africa, and it will be one of the most exciting scientific projects of the twenty-first century.

The artwork has to be based on one of these five themes:

  • the birth of stars and galaxies
  • the mysteries of dark energy
  • alien life
  • the genius of Einstein
  • giant magnetic fields in space.

Plenty of inspiration there!

Entries close 5 July 2013.
Kinds of works accepted, how to enter, terms and conditions, prizes — everything you need to know.


* You’ve got to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Sorry, everyone else!


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