Our CSIRO Publishing team have launched their 2020 gift ideas catalogue. It's packed full of science books for all types of people.
Child laying on grass reading a science book

We’ve got science books for every type of child or adult!

CSIRO Publishing has launched its 2020 Gift Ideas Catalogue with all our latest titles, special discounts and free shipping. Here are some scientific ideas for your festive gift list.

Wildlife lovers

Have you ever seen a fish that can do a handstand? Hold On! Saving the Spotted Handfish is a beautiful new picture book written by Gina Newton and illustrated by Rachel Tribout. It tells the story of the Spotted Handfish who is famous for walking on its ‘hands’ (pectoral fins) and for being one of the first marine fish in the world to be recognised as critically endangered. Learn more about the story from author Gina or from the illustrator Rachel.

Know an entomological (the study of insects) enthusiast? Try A Guide to Native Bees of Australia. Illustrated with stunning photographs, the guide describes the form and function of bees, their life-cycle stages, nest architecture, sociality and relationships with plants. We also have beautiful guides to butterflies and spiders in Australia.

Have a bird lover in your life? Try Australian Bird Names. It’s an entertaining account of Australian birds and the meanings behind their common and scientific names, which may be useful, useless or downright misleading! Hear some fascinating facts about the book from co-author Ian Fraser.

Young scientists

Do you have a child who loves experiments? Get More Hands-On Science. The team behind Hands-On Science (who are also the editorial team behind Double Helix magazine) are back with 50 more DIY science activities. The interesting experiments, reactions, inventions and coding in the book will blow you away. It’s also jam-packed with fast facts and quiz questions to test your knowledge! Check out this behind-the-scenes interview if you’re curious to know how they put the book together.

Ready to learn about real technology and make it yourself? Ready, Set, Code! explains how cutting-edge digital technology works and its surprising uses now and in the future. The book has fun, hands-on coding projects covering topics like artificial intelligence, sensors and data.

Know a budding kitchen scientist? The Curious World of Kitchen Science series will tell you the truth about yeast, help you conduct experiments with rubbery eggs and more. Become a kitchen scientist by dissecting an onion, decorating a cookie to look like a cell and discovering how gross things like mould help to make delicious foods like yoghurt and bread.

Remember to shop early and use the promo code GIFT20 at the checkout for special discounts and free shipping on orders over $50*.

child laying on grass reading hands on science book

Know a budding scientist? We have books for all curiosity levels!

Double Helix magazine offer

If you want to give a gift that keeps giving throughout the whole year, how about a subscription to Double Helix magazine? It’s the perfect reading for enquiring minds.

Right now we’re offering a special offer to subscribers in Australia. Use the promo code GIFT20 to get a discount on 12- and 24-month subscriptions. A 12-month subscription means eight issues of Double Helix magazine delivered straight to your mailbox.

  • 12-month subscription: $52 (RRP $65)
  • 24-month subscription: $100 (RRP $120)

We also have a list of online STEM activities to tackle over the holidays.

*Free standard shipping within Australia and New Zealand only if you order by 3 December, and will be applied after you enter your shipping address during checkout. Discounts valid only whilst stock lasts, do not apply to eBooks and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.