In April this year we announced that we had concluded the tender process for the purchase of a weather research radar with some very impressive capabilities.

It will help answer some of the big questions about weather, climate and the atmosphere in remote areas of the world’s oceans.

Data will be gathered from clouds towering 20 kilometres over the tropical ocean, to cold ice storms in the Antarctic, in a 300 kilometre diametre around the ship.

The Enterprise Electronics Corporation dual-polarisation weather radar supplied by Environmental Systems & Services, which are based in Melbourne, Australia, is part of a new generation of weather technology that is being compared to the difference in television between black and white to colour technology.

The greater detail provided by the state-of-the-art device will allow meteorologists to gather more information about the atmosphere than ever before for research purposes, including clearly seeing the difference between rain and snow.

The weather research radar has now been lifted into place, on top of RV Investigator, and the photos are incredible.

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