The scientific equipment onboard RV Investigator has been put into two groups. Group 1 are those items that will be fitted to the ship in Singapore and are part of the construction of the ship; such as, the gondola, drop keels and winches.

Group 2 is made up of items being purchased by the procurement team at CSIRO and this list includes things like the CTD frames,  the long sediment corer and greenhouse gas spectrometers.

We’ve just taken delivery of 36 Niskin bottles that will be part of the 36 bottle CTD rosette.

It’s so exciting to see the new equipment starting to arrive in Hobart!

Each piece of scientific equipment has been championed by someone in Australia’s scientific community, in the case of the 36 bottle CTD rosette, it’s been Dave Terhell from CSIRO. Dave was there to receive and inspect the Niskin bottles with Ben Rae from the Future Research Vessel Project.

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