A lot of work has been going on inside RV Investigator and you won’t believe the changes. Check out these photos of the switchboard room, which is looking pretty switched on!

RV Investigator's switchboard room

This is the room where the electricity generated by the diesel engines and their alternators gets distributed around the ship to power absolutely everything.

On Investigator each engine can theoretically generate 2.88 megawatts of power so with all three running we can theoretically generate about 9 megawatts of power.

RV Investigator's switchboard room

To give this some perspective, the average Australian household consumes 18 kilowatt (kW) hours each day.

Using this as a basis, let’s say each house consumes 18kW at any instant, therefore 9MW divided by 18kW means we could power 500 average Australian homes comfortably.

So we could power a small suburb or a country town!