RV Investigator is now on its delivery voyage from Singapore to Hobart, with the ship expected to pull alongside at the CSIRO wharf about the 8th of September, depending on the weather.

There’s been a lot of paperwork happening to get to this stage, both in Australia and Singapore, as part of the departure procedures.

One thing we’ve had to do was to register the ship as an Australian vessel.

You’ll see in this photo Investigator is now flying the Australian flag!

RV Investigator flying the Australian flag
If you’re not sure where Hobart might be, then check out the map below.

Map of Singapore and Australia


  1. Wow – maiden voyage… Safe travels to ALL crew aboard the Investigator, may your journey to Hobart, your new home be as smooth as can be expected. Looking forward to seeing you in Australian waters………

    1. …..and Support staff & any other lucky souls on board!!
      I do believe she will be using the West coast not the East…..
      Aussie flag looks Fantastic!

      1. R.P.G. ex “Sprightly” If she is sailing west about, maybe she could use some of the scientific magic to have a look for Malaysian Airlines broken plane. Now wouldn’t that be a feather in the new vessel’s cap.

  2. Thank you for the reply Sarah..Good to hear.

  3. Regarding Investigator’s delivery voyage, is she sailing west-about to Hobart or ‘showing the flag’ down the east coast?

    1. Hello Olaf

      Thanks for your comment!

      The ship is being delivered down Australia’s west coast.



  4. Awesome looking ship!!
    However I cant help but think it will roll like crazy due to its top heavy appearance.

    1. Hello SilvyP

      Thanks for your comment.

      All reports from the sea trials to date are that the ship handles well in confused seas, which is great news for all our crew and support staff. They also report the ship is super quiet on board.



  5. Will the Vessel be making an Ocean Voyage from Sunda Straight to Hobart south of Australia or the more dangerous route through the Indonesian Islands? Philip

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