Australia’s new Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, is so jam packed full of scientific equipment we have produced some fact sheets, so you can read about all of the capabilities.

There are five categories: oceanographic research, geoscience research, biological research, atmospheric research and Investigator.

Check out the Investigator fact sheet!

RV Investigator ship specifications RV Investigator fact sheet (back)

Download the fact sheet: RV Investigator – ship specifications fact sheet


  1. Hi Sarah

    Thank You, Thats the Information I was Looking For.


  2. Please someone fix the “18 kilowatts” comment. If the average house uses 18 kilowatt-hours in a day then the average instantaneous power use is 0.75 kW. Which makes your 9 MW enough for 12,000 houses.

    1. Hello Mike

      Thanks for picking up the error, it’s meant that we’ve been able to update the information.



  3. Hi CSIRO,

    How can I view the specs of the laboratory clean container (referred to in the fact sheet) ?



    *George Klich*

    *Technical Manager | Griffith Sciences Group | Griffith University *

    Building N44, Room -1.12, Nathan campus | 170 Kessels Road | Nathan QLD 4111

    tel +61 7 3735 7552 | fax +61 7 3735 3764 | mobile 0419 764 431 | * * |

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    1. Hello George

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ll get someone from the MNF Ships Group to get in contact with you, so you can go over all of the specs.



      1. Hi Sarah

        Trying to Find Type of Turbochargers that are fitted to the 3 x Diesel Engines ??


        John Thomson

        1. Hello John

          The following information should do the trick:

          The diesel engines are M.A.K 9 M25C [3 off ], Inline 9 cylinder ; 4 stroke cycle ; operating on marine gas distillate oil [output power = 3000kw]. Exhaust Gas Turbocharger KBB – HPR 6000. Max speed = 34600 rpm. Plain bearing type, with forced lubrication from the engine lube oil sump & gear pump. The rotor is driven by exhaust gas energy via turbine inlet housing & the turbine nozzle ring. It is equipped with a single stage radial flow turbine & compressor. The turbine has reaction blading arrangement , this being a set of fixed nozzle guide blades that direct the exhaust gas onto convergent rotor blades where the pressure drop occurs and the exhaust gas turbine is driven by the reaction force.



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