It’s Monday, and we’re right in the middle of World Space Week – what space activities have you been up to?

An animated gif of our solar system (via io9).

Even though it’s a public holiday here, we wouldn’t want to leave you high and dry without space-y goodness to get you through the day, so here are three things we’ve liked this space week:

Firstly, from the latest CSIRO Science by Email comes an eye-opening read about the humble cork tree, and how it is used as insulation in space craft. As the article begins:

Cork reached new heights as part of the protective aeroshell that insulated the Mars Rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity from the intense heat of entering the Martian atmosphere.

In other news, Commander Chris Hadfield, well known for his stellar rendition of Space Oddity, took it one step further recently by dressing up as David Bowie for a Canadian magazine. Click through for a behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot.

The video that started it all:

Lastly, a lovely animation was recently created as an introduction to our solar system. Watch the full video below and be mesmerised: