The new CSIROpedia (I did warn you) is good at showing what we have been up to for the past 85 or so years.

You can search either A to Z , by decade or by research area.

Take A for example – Aerogard. We knocked that up for troops during WWII to ward of malaria carrying mossies and the like.  The Queen did the most to lift its profile when she visited Australia in 1963 and was sprayed with Aerogard before a stroll  around a golf course.

And Z – Zirconian powders process. High purity zirconian is needed for making partially stabilised zirconian ceramics which…. anyway, you can read more about it HERE if you like.

In between there is bitter-pit control (I’m not brave enough to look at that one), dung beetle program, extended wear contact lenses, measuring the absolute ohm (not to be confused with the mantra), road crack system (not to be confused with the plumber’s variety)  and wireless LANs.


  1. I think this Huw bloke is a genius

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