Just wanted to share these amazing pictures from the Curiosity mission. For more news and the latest from Mars go to the NASA site HERE.

The CSIRO-managed Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex¬†(CDSCC) was one of three tracking stations in NASA’s Deep Space Network¬† to keep track of Curiosity and captured the first signals from the craft when it landed.


View of the mountain in the middle of Mars’ Gale crater where Curiosity landed.
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this shot of Curiosity under parachute during the landing on Mars.
From Curiosity.


  1. Happiness to the world. Soon it will require evidence of life. I believe that intelligent life, but it is very -but really very- different from our land. Can we recognize it?

  2. So tell me….. What’s filling the parachute??

    1. Air off course .. What else ? .. I dub this mission a success .. We have found life supporting evidence on mars….Air

  3. A photo of a robot parachuting onto the surface of Mars… so epic!

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