Australia’s Marine National Facility (MNF) is managed under the direction of a Ministerially appointed Steering Committee.

It’s this group that oversee the operation of the MNF including how money is spent and what research teams are successful in gaining sea time on the ship.

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The current members are:

  • Professor Craig Johnson (Chair) – Director, Marine and Antarctic Futures, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
  • Professor Richard Arculus – Department of Earth and Marine Sciences, Australian National University
  • Mr Graham Peachey – CEO, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Mr Greg Paten – Strategy and Planning Manager, Exploration, Woodside Energy Ltd
  • Mr John Gunn – Chair, Ocean Policy Science Advisory Group
  • Ms Toni Moate – Deputy Chief – Science Operations, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

The Steering Committee usually meet twice a year and the recent meeting in Hobart was a happy but sad affair, with three members retiring from the roles, Professor Craig Johnson, Professor Richard Arculus and Mr Greg Paten.

MNF Steering Committee meeting October 2013