Celebrate Australian Reading Hour by curling up on the couch with a book from our Publishing team.

With Netflix, social media and mobile games at the tips of our fingers, we seem to be spending more of our downtime swiping a screen than turning the pages of a book. But research has shown that reading a good ol’ fashioned paperback reduces stress by 68 percent more than listening to music, going for a walk, or having a cup of tea.

And now it’s time to dust off the books and celebrate the benefits of reading with Australian Reading Hour. All you need to is pick up a book and read for one hour with your kids or on your own. That’s gotta be easier than deciding on which new TV series to watch after the Game of Thrones season finale!

Stuck for ideas on what to read? Luckily our Publishing team have your 60 minutes of page-turning sorted with these amazing titles.

Australian Reading HourThe Secret Life of Flies

They may not be as popular on Instagram as kittens and puppies, but flies play an important role in keeping our world ecologically balanced. Join entomologist Erica McAlister as she explores the weird and wonderful world of flies, from their bizarre sex lives to their natural history.


Australian Reading HourZoo Ethics

While today’s zoos play an important role in conserving endangered wildlife, can they really be ethically justified? A must for animal lovers, Zoo Ethics takes a deep dive into the challenges of compassionate conservation in zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries.


Global Megatrends

With climate change looming and economies expanding in developing countries, what will the world look like in 20 years? Stefan Hajkowicz reveals seven patterns of global change and how we can use them to shape our future for the better.


Australian Wildlife After Dark

There’s more to our unique biodiversity than kangaroos and koalas, especially after the sun goes down. From bandicoots to geckoes, this guidebook sheds light on the Australia’s nocturnal animals in our backyards, deserts and woodlands.


Sprinter and Sprummer

Australian seasons are carved out neatly on our calendars like those in the Northern Hemisphere. But does this traditional system really make sense for the unique cycles of our natural environment? Timothy Entwisle takes a look at how our plants respond to seasonal changes and proposes a new five-season approach for the year.


Imagining the Future (ages 9 – 13)

Who needs science fiction novels when robot servants, 3D printed food and flying cars are already on the horizon? Take a journey to the future and explore the amazing inventions of tomorrow with Imagining the Future.



Animal Eco-Warriors (ages 9 – 12)

From biosecurity beagles sniffing out trouble in airports to elephant seals helping to track climate change, humans are teaming up with animals to make the world a better place. With colourful pictures and fun facts, learn about how animals are helping us build a sustainable future.


Phasmid  (ages 4 – 7)

 When it comes to life after (almost) death, the Lord Howe Island phasmid has managed to dodge the bullet of extinction. Believed to be extinct for almost 80 years, this is the story of rediscovery of this unique invertebrate species and the extraordinary conservation efforts to ensure its survival.


Exploring Soils (ages 6 – 9)

There’s more to the ground beneath our feet than layers of plain dirt. There are plants, animals and different types of soils that are essential to the health of our planet. With beautiful illustrations, discover what happens in the earth deep below.