The FRV Technical Advisory Group is a fabulous team of experts from within the  Australian marine science community that have volunteered their time to champion their own disciplines, and work across the broad range of capabilities, to make sure RV Investigator will be the best possible research platform for them and their colleagues.

So from Geoscience Australia we have a team of people who are making sure Investigator will be ship shape for them and their scientists, with the right equipment onboard with the kind of functionality that they need to do their research.

But you know sometimes it’s not about the gravity meter, or how deep the sub bottom profiler can explore, or even how far the sonar can map the sea floor. Sometimes it’s about the people and the facilities needed to ensure the best quality science is achieved. One of Geoscience Australia’s team members, Dave Holdway, checked out the early plans for the ship, and realised that the laboratory deck lacked a head (toilet) in close proximity to the rear deck for a comfortable and healthy working environment.

Such an important Workplace Health and Safety feature could not be neglected. So the Future Research Vessel Project took this onboard, and now there’s an additional toilet facility a short distance from the rear deck we’re euphemistically calling ‘Dave’s Dunny’.

The photo below is of Dr Andrew Heap from Geoscience Australia, standing right where Dave’s Dunny will be installed on Investigator.

Dr Andrew Heap from GA, standing right where Dave’s Dunny will be installed on Investigator