Interronauts | Pilot Episode: Whale Menopause, Panda Thumbs, Frisky Wrens, and Antarctic Voyages

By Jesse Hawley

13 February 2017

3 minute read

On the pilot episode of Interronauts — the CSIRO podcast — Jesse, Sophie, and Adrian talk about menopausal whales, panda thumbs, Tasmanian tiger brains, and frisky wrens. They also have a chat with Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith about the launch of the new ASKAP radio telescope, and discuss research around CSIRO: mouse plagues and trips to Antarctica.

Science news


Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith talks about the operational launch of the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP). To find out more about ASKAP, you can go here. And you can follow our telescope national facilities on Twitter here.

CSIRO news

RV Investigator in Antarctica

“The team on board our research vessel, Investigator, are hunting down ancient phytoplankton to study their DNA,” from our blog. Learn more about RV Investigator’s current research in Antarctica, here. And follow the RV Investigator updates on Twitter with #RVInvestigator.


A single mouse near its burrow

Mouse Alert

“Mouse breeding started a couple weeks early in Vic and SA, so our experts are anticipating a plague in autumn. But how can two weeks make such a difference?” from our blog. Learn more about Mouse Alert, here.


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