Interronauts | [Bonus bowerbird episode]

By Jesse Hawley

25 August 2017

3 minute read

For fear of wasting food, have you ever scrounged about in your fridge, gathering ingredients like a feasting bowerbird and bungled them together into an oddly satisfying meal?

Not sure why that’s relevant, because here’s a bonus episode of our podcast, Interronauts! In this episode we talk about how living on farms helps symptoms of asthma and allergies, festive heart attacks, being over-run by ever so destructive feral cats, defining all of plants, and a pocketful of bloopers, misc. and bonus tatters. We also speak with Angus Macoustra about CSIRO’s new supercomputer, Bracewell.

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We speak with Angus Macoustra, Deputy CIO – Scientific Computing at CSIRO about their newest supercomputer, Bracewell.

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