Looking for a healthier take on the traditional ANZAC biscuit? Try this yummy high fibre recipe made with cereal containing ourĀ BARLEYmax grain. But remember, biscuits are a sometimes food!



  1. Sometimes food is invitation to anytime food. This is crazy message as most people are lazy & willfully ignorant. Also where is the fibre % per 100gm information if I were to prepare per the recipe? This is all about increasing fibre in our diet right?

    Half a cup of sugar is very wrong. Hundreds of thousands of hectares are devoted to cultivating this white poison and it is doing major harm. Not to mention the environmental damage CO2 etc.

  2. They are biscuits, not “cookies”

    1. Agree! Changed.

    2. Agree Patrick, but it was a Sesame Street reference from when the Cookie Monster started eating more healthy food. “Cookies are a sometimes food” http://youtu.be/iH9IO6iMO78

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