Remember the photo of the huge mystery object, under a cover on a very large semi trailer, which we showed to you a few months ago? Well that was one of the three main engines arriving in the Sembawang Shipyard.

The main engines have now been brought to the RV Investigator Erection Area and lifted into the hull of the ship.

Check out the photos of these giants being put in place.

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  1. Our engines are pretty big but not quite that big!

    On Investigator each engine can theoretically generate 2.88 megawatts of power so with all three running we can theoretically generate about 9 megawatts of power.

    To give this some perspective, the average Australian household consumes 18 kilowatt (kW) hours each day. Using this as a basis, let’s say each house consumes 18kW at any instant, therefore 9MW divided by 18kW means we could power 500 average Australian homes comfortably.

    So we certainly couldn’t power a city for a week, but we could power a small suburb or a country town.

  2. believe me these engines are huge and generate power so that a city can get electricity for a week.

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