Groundworks continue at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex for the construction of the second new beam waveguide antenna dish, Deep Space Station 36 (DSS36).

The 10-metre excavation hole will eventually be filled by a concrete cylinder that will house the antenna’s transmitter/receiver equipment. An area around the excavation needs to be cleared to create a marshalling area for antenna parts and construction vehicles.

During clearing operations, workers discovered a large area of solid rock that needed to be removed. The quickest way to do that was to use explosives and break up the rock. Watch the fun below.

While blasts like this are amazing to watch, they are done under very strict controls and permissions. The detonation experts and CDSCC personnel ensured that safety to people and the environment was paramount.

More groundworks are scheduled over the next few months before contruction begins on the underground antenna equipment chamber. You’ll be able to watch the construction of DSS36 progress via a webcam

DSS36 is due for completion in late 2016.