In Sydney and interested in engineering and its impact in areas like astronomy, robotics, and technology?

If so, get on down to the Powerhouse Museum which has just opened a brand new exhibit, showcasing the latest in Australian engineering excellence.

Open from today, the annual Engineering Excellence Exhibition showcases five outstanding projects from last year’s Engineering Excellence Awards.

Our Phased Array Feed (PAF) receiver for astronomy features, as does our WASP technology that can accurately track people and objects where traditional technologies don’t work.

We were lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the exhibit last night at the official opening.

Pictured below is the display showcasing our innovative PAF technology – it’ll let radio telescopes capture images from deep within the universe, with unprecedented sensitivity over large areas of the sky.

Take a look around and discover how Australian engineers are making a real difference.

The exhibit will remain open until January 2015.

Our innovative phased array feed receiver technology showcased at the Powerhouse Museum.

Our innovative phased array feed receiver technology at the Powerhouse Museum.