Eat, drink and feel our science

By Jessica Anderson

19 June 2017

Kitchen table with breakfast spread. Mother standing and father seated watching sons.

We work with awesome companies across private industry to get our science to you faster; to help your health, the environment and community you live in, and perhaps even create you a job.

A few examples of this in practice:

BuildingIQ keeps the world cool

A nifty energy start up called BuildingIQ commercialised our heating and cooling management technology (we called it OptiCOOL) and it’s now saving energy costs in commercial buildings around the world. It reduces energy consumption by up to 45 per cent. Seriously. It’s even in New York’s Rockefeller Center.

Preshafruit hits the spot

We worked with the awesome crew at Preshafood to develop premium fruit juices pasteurised using our expertise and tech in high-pressure processing (instead of heat, the traditional way of pasteurising). Not only are they yummy, but they retain the taste, colour and fresh-like characteristics of fruit and can be stored up to five times longer than other chilled juices.

Brown Brothers Cienna

On the topic of great beverages from fruit – wine! Australia’s harsh climate means we are continually looking for hardier varieties of grains, fruit and vegetables that will thrive here. We developed a new grape variety that Brown Brothers has used to create the red wine Cienna.

We also developed the grape varieties Rubienne, Tamiga, Tarrango and Tyrian, which have all been used to make truly unique Australian wines.

Amfora and the food chain

Our breakthrough technology in producing large amounts of oil in the leaves of plants may soon make its way to the meat and dairy industry, providing livestock with a new source of rich feed. We invested in US start-up company Amfora to further develop energy-rich ‘forage’ crops for livestock. By feeding livestock oil-rich plants, farmers avoid the need to purchase and add oil to the feed, saving effort and money… and it makes for a delicious steak!

BARLEYmax Japanese snack food

Bacon, lettuce and tomato flavoured Japanese snack food – yes you read correctly a BLT snack food, the addition of our BARLEYmax high-fibre wholegrain is making these Japanese tasty treats a healthier snacking option.  Developed by our scientists and licensed to Teijin Corporation, BARLEYmax is a high fibre wholegrain that is now in over 20 different products in Japan. The good news is that you can try these flavour combinations out for yourself via Amazon.

Coping with the food coma

After you have eaten, drunk and basked in the comfortable temperature that we have provided you, you may need our Total Wellbeing Diet – we developed an online version with our partner SP Health. Thanks to them, you get all the recipes and support at the touch of an app on your iPhone. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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