Easter eggs-periments for kids

By Nikki Galovic

24 March 2016

2 minute read

Image of different coloured eggs

There’s more you can do with eggs than just painting them

Eggs: bearers of life, source of protein and, chocolate or not, pretty delicious!

This Easter, if you feel like taking a break from stuffing your face full of chocolate (unlikely, we know) check out some other egg-cellent things you can do with eggs and you might just learn some science while you’re at it.


Egg geodes

Try making these egg geodes for a fun and colourful science activity to do over the Easter break. These pretty eggs are a model for natural hollows in rocks that contain crystals.

Image of eggs after experiment where coloured crystals have formed

Egg drop

Have you received any Easter eggs yet? If so, you can use one to try this activity demonstrating inertia. And you can still eat the egg afterwards!

An easter egg sits on top of a cardboard tube, piece of paper and cup


Boil an egg with maths

If you’re in the mood for an eggy breakfast check out this method of boiling eggs mathematically.

An egg boiling in a pot of water

Draw the perfect egg

And if you want to get creative but also super precise, here’s a handy way of drawing an egg shape using maths.

Drawing an egg shape using string and drawing pins

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