Finally, we've found a proper use for selfies. Image:

Finally, we’ve found a proper use for selfies. Image:

The online retail sphere is rapidly growing, with more people using their smart phones and tablets to make everyday purchases.

But we’re taking online shopping to a completely new level by teaming up with online eyewear retailer

Using our Smart Vision technology, has developed a new iPad app that allows customers to virtually try on specs from the comfort of their own home.

The Smart Vision software allows the app to produce a true-to-life 180° view of the user’s face showing how each pair fits in 3D. It also lets them compare side-by-side images of each style. Check it out:

Because the technology places a 3D model of the glasses over a 3D rendering of the user’s face, shoppers can even reposition the glasses, tapping the screen to ‘slide’ frames up and down the bridge of their nose just as they would in real life.

Until now technology for virtually trying on glasses has been pretty simplistic and looked more like online gaming graphics rather than a photo realistic experience.

Our Smart Vision software turns 2D photos into 3D models of the face. Image:

Our Smart Vision software turns 2D photos into 3D models of the face. Image:

Recognising the growing need for a more accurate try-on service, approached our Digital Productivity Flagship to create a 3D face scanning method that could utilise the camera on a smart phone or tablet.

“We didn’t want to just replicate the offline shopping experience – we wanted to improve it. We’ve created a tool that’s so true-to-life it’s not only fun, but actually useful in making a purchasing decision,” said Jonathan Coon, CEO of’s parent company 1-800 CONTACTS.

Unfortunately Aussie shoppers might have to wait a while before the app hits the Australian iTunes store. But if you happen to have a US iTunes account, try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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