The CTD instrument has long been a fundamental research tool for marine scientists. Besides its basic function to measure temperature and salinity in the ocean, it allows scientists to fit a wide variety of other instruments to measure other properties, including oxygen and other dissolved gases, phytoplankton and the quantity of biological matter, suspended particles and the depth that sunlight penetrates the ocean.

Students Isabella Rosso (left) and Kate Snow (image Alicia Navidad)

Students Isabella Rosso (left) and Kate Snow set up a scientific instrument, the CTD, for deployment on RV Southern Surveyor voyage ss2012_v05.

Do you remember block 206, the one with the big brown square that was lifted into place last year in November?

Well that’s the block that will house the CTD room onboard RV Investigator.

Investigator_Construction_30-11-12_0032 LR

Some of the equipment that will deploy the CTDs onboard RV Investigator has now been installed.

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