Cosmic Impressions XI - Cadmium Nebula

Cosmic Impressions XI – Cadmium Nebula

A collaboration with the staff of and the imagery produced by CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science has resulted in an exhibition of stellar proportions by the Artists Society of Canberra’s Abstract and Experimental Group.

Astronomical images have inspired people throughout the ages that humans have been observing and recording the skies but rapidly evolving technologies have  enhanced our awareness because they allow us to explore space in different ways.

CSIRO invited the Artist’s Society of Canberra to respond to images produced by CSIRO staff in their work, and the artists who make up their Abstract and Experimental Group have responded to the challenge in their own unique way.

Their images include beautiful works encompassing astronomical events like solar flares, images of whole galaxies, as well as interpretative pieces hinting at traditional Indigenous understandings of the night sky.

The exhibition Capturing the Cosmos will run Saturday 1 February to Friday 28 March at CSIRO Discovery Centre, Clunies Ross St, Acton.

The exhibition will be opened 2pm Saturday 1 February by Dr Ed Kruzins, Director of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex.

Entry to the exhibition is free. CSIRO Discovery Centre – North Science Road, Acton (Canberra) Australian Capital Territory.