CSIRO Publishing has a book for every type of reader. Christmas is just around the corner but there’s still time to get affordable, thoughtful and easy-to-wrap gifts.
young girl lying on the grass reading a book - books are a great gift idea for kids

A science book is an ideal gift for curious minds

We’ve pulled together a fabulous selection of books for you to gift to your loved ones. Plus, to get you into the festive spirit, we have free shipping on orders over $80 plus marked special prices until 3 December.

For the kids

AmAZed! CSIRO’s A to Z of Biodiversity by Andrea Wild

AmAZed! is packed with fabulous facts about plants, animals, microbes and the scientists who study them. This book would make a great gift for children aged 6 to 12. We spoke to the author Andrea Wild about AmAZed! earlier this year.

Bots and Bods: How Robots and Humans Work, from the Inside Out by John Andrews

Take a fascinating tour of the human body and discover how a robot’s body is just like yours! Packed with detailed illustrations and fun facts, Bots and Bods takes you on a fascinating tour of the human – and robot – body. Suitable for children aged 8 to 12.

For the traveller

Beachcombing: A guide to seashores of the Southern Hemisphere by Ceridwen Fraser

If you’ve ever walked along a beach or rocky shore and peered, poked or wondered at the things cast upon it by the waves, this book is for you. Discover the fascinating stories behind what the oceans leave on our beaches.

4WD Driving Skills: A Manual for On- and Off-Road Travel by Vic Widman

This fully revised and updated second edition is an essential reference for all 4WD enthusiasts. It explains the essential skills of four-wheel driving for every type of on- and off-road terrain, how to approach challenging situations, and what to do if things go wrong.

For the green thumb

Wild Mushrooming: A Guide for Foragers by Alison Pouliot and Tom May

Fungi can be delicious but sometimes they can be deadly. And that’s not a mistake you want to make. This extensively illustrated guide takes a ‘slow mushrooming’ approach – providing the information to correctly identify edible species.

Australian Rainforest Seeds: A Guide to Collecting, Processing and Propagation by Mark Dunphy, Steve McAlpin, Paul Nelson, Michelle Chapman and Hugh Nicholson

What better gift for the gardener in your life than the knowledge to grow their own rainforest tree? Well look no further. This guide to rainforest seeds unlocks the secrets to growing 300 rainforest species.

For the wildlife warrior

Extinct: Artistic Impressions of Our Lost Wildlife by Benjamin Gray

While Australian animals are among the most unique in the world, they are also among the most endangered. This book showcases stunning artwork and stories of Australian animals that have been lost to extinction. It highlights the importance of what we have lost so that we appreciate what we have not lost yet.

A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia by Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson

We Aussies have a love–hate relationship with spiders. Some spiders inspire fear. Yet some are truly inspiring like the peacock, alien butt and disco mirror ball spiders. A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia uses photographs of living animals to help people identify many of the spiders they encounter. Featuring over 1300 colour photographs, it is the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published. 

A Guide to Native Bees of Australia by Terry Houston

We often think of bees of as having yellow and black stripes, living in hives and producing honey. But, Australia’s native bees are incredibly diverse. This illustrated introduction to the estimated 2000 species of Australian bees.

For the bird watcher

Australian Magpie: Biology and Behaviour of an Unusual Songbird by Gisela Kaplan

An insight into the cognition, communication and social structure of this iconic Australian bird.

Bird Talk: An Exploration of Avian Communication by Barbara Ballentine and Jeremy Hyman

Unravel the complexities of bird communication, from birdsong to visual signals and behaviours.

So, we’ve got a book gift for everyone on your shopping list. Just remember, if you are aiming for delivery before Christmas, make sure you get your orders in as early as possible.

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