Come fly with me. What does the future hold for our generation of jetsetters? Image: Sprengben.

Come fly with me. What does the future hold for our generation of jetsetters? Image: Sprengben.

By Hannah Scott

In an increasingly volatile world, planning for the future is pretty important. But in an age where we are working harder and longer, what could be more important than planning your next holiday?

We all love to dream about our next beach getaway but let’s be realistic – many factors could affect the holidays of tomorrow. By recognising these trends, our tourism industry can help give us the best possible holiday experience.

A recent study by our Futures team found a number of megatrends that will create opportunities and challenges over the next 20 years for Queensland’s tourism sector. These trends are important for the industry but they could also affect the way we choose to holiday more generally.

So based on this, what does your holiday of the future look like?

There's nothing better than indulging in a well-earned break. Image: Tourism and Events Queensland.

Future holiday-goers will travel further and more often, seeking personal and authentic experiences. Image: Tourism and Events Queensland.

When planning your next holiday you might now look for ‘authentic’ and more personal experiences which could involve social interaction and emotional connection over products. For instance, you might not necessarily choose to dine where the best coffee is, but instead choose the place where you can get the best coffee experience.

While most people still travel for leisure, we are now more willing to travel further and more often for many other reasons like trade, business, events and conferences. In our time poor world, multitasking is becoming more important and you might see yourself bunging a few extra days holiday onto that work trip.

The online sphere has also changed the way we book holidays and make our decisions. Nowadays, we’re more likely to log onto review sites like trip advisor and base our decisions on what other people have said, rather than information from the destination’s webpage. Instead of sharing our holiday experience with our family and friends when we return, we have already shared it with millions via social media.

It’s no surprise that these trends will create shifts, opportunities and challenges for the tourism industry. The increased competition means we can expect to see far more personalised service to make our future holidays better than ever.

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