The Marine National Facility’s 2014-15 application process for sea time on Investigator opened on 9 July 2012 with a call for pre-proposals and applications for sea time. The pre-proposal process involved submitting a short summary of the proposed voyage, with all pre-proposals then shared among applicants, to facilitate scientific collaborations.

The process went smoothly, with only a few points of clarification required. The MNF has noted feedback, and would welcome any further comments to improve the process for next year.

Applications for sea time in 2014-15 closed on 24 August 2012. Twenty-eight applications for sea time were received representing over 836 days of ship time. An excellent result!

The Marine National Facility Steering Committee puts out a communiqué to give updates. The full text is available at:

Marine National Facility Steering Committee

The Marine National Facility Steering Committee (l to r) John Gunn, Greg Paten, Toni Moate, Graham Peachey, Richard Arculus (Acting Chairman) and Ron Plaschke.