1. Where is Sembawang Shipyard? For a sizeable island (arguably the largest beach front property in the world) it looks like Australia is outsourcing requirements in an area where we could be doing it for ourselves.

    1. You have a keen eye. Perhaps you were in the Armed Forces at one time stationed in the Far East? Yes, the ship is being built in Singapore (also an island) but much of the outfitting will be done in Australia. The selection of the builder was done through a competitive tender process and the shipyard in Singapore was found to be the most cost effective.

  2. Love the bloke with the bicycle walking (backwards) in front of enormous ship segment. Southern Surveyor runs on pedal power?

  3. Didn’t someone tell them about the balloons in the ocean?

    1. Yes, was thinking the same thing. We had a poll about that recently.
      Will have to advise them to use biodegradable ones – or not at all.

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