Two large spots of light, red and blue.

Michaela Gleave, ‘A Day Is Longer Than A Year’. Studio mock-up 2013

Photo: Michaela Gleave. Image courtesy the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne

Here’s an event we’ve been looking forward to. Artist Michaela Gleave is about to launch her latest installation — one inspired by her stay at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS).

Michaela has been an “artist in residence” at CASS headquarters in Sydney since November last year.

Her new work, A Day is Longer than a Year, will open at Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia on Friday 7 June, and remain on show until 21 July.

Michaela describes the work like this:

Two theatre spotlights hang suspended from ceiling, their circular beams of light slowly orbiting the peripheries of the room.  Travelling in alternate directions and at differing speeds the twin orbs track their courses slowly, stretching and distorting as the focus shifts in and out of view.  Morphed by the physical properties of the room and expanding and contracting with the lengthening and shortening of space, the beams circle one another as binary stars, eclipsing at varying points as the two rotations collide and diverge.

It is, Michaela says, about “our shifting understanding of matter, time and space”.

Cool! We’ll have more on this after the exhibition opens.


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