The Marine National Facility Steering Committee puts out a regular communiqué to let you know who’s who and what’s what.

To get the low down, you should check out the latest communiqué, which is packed full of news

In it you’ll find the latest news on the MNF Steering Committee’s announcement about its sub-committee, the Science Advisory Committee (or MNF SAC).

The MNF SAC is saying farewell to some wonderful stalwarts of marine science, Professor Iain Suthers from the University of New South Wales and Dr Diana Greenslade from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, who are moving on to focus on other priorities.

A big thank you to Iain and Diana who have put in years of hard work with the MNF SAC.

Iain Suthers, University of New South Wales Diana Greenslade, Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research


And, we are welcoming three new members!

Philip Boyd, IMAS

Professor Philip Boyd is a biological scientist  at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Philip is a highly regarded scientist who brings a unique multidisciplinary perspective, with a track record of close collaborations with marine biogeochemists and physical oceanographers. He’s also a seasoned campaigner and voyage leader!

Alain Protat, Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research

Dr Alain Protat is a Principal Research Scientist at the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research. RV Investigator is packed full of atmospheric equipment, and we’re expecting an increase in the number of applications for atmospheric research, and so we’ll be leaning on Alain for his vital and robust advice.

Peter Doherty, OPSAG

Dr Peter Doherty – is a former Research Director of the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). He is now an AIMS Fellow, a Science Adviser to the CEO of AIMS, a member of the Australian Government’s Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group (OPSAG), he has a long history of working with CSIRO, heads up the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) Tropical Ecosystems Hub, and is the Chair of the Antarctic Science Advisory Committee. Phew, that was a lot to get through!

So why are we saying farewell to two members and welcoming three?

Well, at a recent Marine National Facility Steering Committee meeting, it was agreed to increase the membership and bring on board an additional member to strengthen the assessment of national benefit. This position is now held by Peter.

The new look MNF SAC met in Hobart recently, to assess the 2015-16 applications for sea time onboard RV Investigator.

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