Christmas is just around the corner but there’s still time to get affordable, thoughtful and easy-to-wrap gifts. In fact, we’ve got something to suit all the special people in your life, especially if they’re science lovers - a book for each of the twelve days of Christmas.


Christmas is just around the corner but there’s still time to get affordable, thoughtful easy-to-wrap gifts from our Publishing team.

We’ve got something to suit all the special people in your life, especially if they’re science lovers. In fact, we’ve got a book for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me… a subscription to Double Helix

Image of the front cover of a recent Double Helix magazineDouble Helix magazine

Ideal for the child or young adult in your life, Double Helix is packed with fun, exciting and quality articles, to spark their interest in science and technology and keep them busy over the holidays!


 Two salty ships

An image of the book cover of the Southern Surveyor shipSouthern Surveyor: Stories from Onboard Australia’s Ocean Research Vessel by Michael Veitch

These tales of adventure and discovery at sea aren’t about pirates or mermaids, they are the true stories from on board Australia’s national research vessel, the Southern Surveyor. While it doesn’t have cannons over the bow or buried treasure, it does have exploding underwater volcanoes and sunken WWII shipwrecks.


Three (not turtle) doves

Front cover of pigeons and doves in Australia bookPigeons and Doves in Australia by Joseph Forshaw and William Cooper

Calling all bird watchers. Forget turtle doves, these common urban birds are much easier to spot. This illustrated classic covers all 30 native pigeons and doves you can reference on your nature walks this summer.


Four fancy phasmids

Front cover of Phasmid bookPhasmid: Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect by Rohan Cleave and Coral Tulloch

Stick this one in your stockings: Our first ever children’s book is the stunningly illustrated true story of the phasmid and its remarkable journey back from extinction.


Five marvelous mammals

Front cover of Mammals of Australia bookThe Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia by David Andrew

You won’t see a reindeer on Aussie soil anytime other than Christmas Eve but we’ve got you covered for locating your favourite local mammals with this book. From whales, dolphins and dugongs to koalas, platypuses and Tassie devils, this guide will give you all the details need to find them in their natural habitats.


Six Aussie Alps

Front cover of Australian Alps bookAustralian Alps by Deirdre Slattery

If you’re heading up to the mountains this Christmas, you’d better pick yourself up a guide to Australia’s highest mountains before you trek off. This illustrated guide has all you need to know about the plants, animals, climate and history of the Australian Alps national parks.


Seven dancing dingoes

Image of the front cover of the Great Dingo Debate bookThe Dingo Debate: Origins, Behaviour and Conservation edited by Bradley Smith

There’s no dancing around the fact that dingoes can get a bit of a bad wrap but these native dogs are intriguing to say the least. Sink your teeth into this great read over the holidays.


Eight penguins prancing

Front cover of a book about penguinsPenguins: Their World, Their Ways by Tui De Roy, Mark Jones and Julie Cornthwaite

We may not get our white Christmas here in Oz but with over 400 photographs of pretty penguins, this book is sure to get you in the spirit.


Nine brazen bushrangers

Front cover of a book about Ned KellyNed Kelly: Under the Microscope edited by Craig Cormick

This other man with a beard can save your Christmas if you’re stuck for ideas. Although Ned Kelly and his gang have been celebrated in biographies, artwork and stories, there are many pieces of his history that remain unknown. Most notably, the whereabouts of his head.


Ten seasons changing

Front cover of a book about seasonsSprinter and Sprummer: Australia’s Changing Seasons by Timothy Entwisle

If you’re sipping on a festive drink around the BBQ thinking that Sprummer just isn’t as hot as it used to be, you might be interested in picking up a copy of this book to find out why.


Eleven gardens growing

Front cover of a book about gardensAustralian Garden Rescue: Restoring a Damaged Garden by Mary Horsfall

Those lucky enough to have some time off over the holiday period will probably get stuck into some must needed garden maintenance. So if your garden is feeling a bit neglected (or you want to send a hint to your significant other), this is the book for you!


Twelve fables foiled

Front cover of the book 'The Explainer'The Explainer: From Deja Vu to Why the Sky Is Blue, and Other Conundrums

If you want to look like a smarty-pants at the dinner table this Christmas, then you had better read up on the latest collection of explainers from news website The Conversation which answers the questions on everyone’s mind. This one is sure to make you the most informed dinner guest at any party.


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